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Summer Interior Trends 2022

Karo, Masters of covers,
Summer Interior Trends 2022
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Summer interior trends 2022. Are you ready for the summer? We are! Check out our interior inspirations. Colors of the season? Blues, pinks, yellows, and greens!

Home & Decor Trends

This year, we are showing you some great matches! Which colors are trending? How should you arrange your living room for the summer? What more do you need? Brighten up your space, by opening up your room. Get rid of heavy, dark curtains, hang some little bulb lights outside, and get ready for a BBQ! A new set of towels, napkins, and pillowcases will drastically change your interior! Mix and match bold colors, and invest some time into arranging great pairs, like Polyester Marine Armchair Cover – which will make you feel like on the beach and Premium Velvet Midnight Blue pillowcase – which will change your perception of spending time on the couch.

Match of the season

Summer Interior Trends 2022 – what’s the catch? Blue and yellow! The first thing that comes to mind – is the beach. Who wouldn’t like to go on vacation? That’s what the summer is for. What if we could bring the sand and water into our home? And I am not saying you should open up a beach bar. Look what I have for you.

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater Sofa in Velvet Sunny Yellow Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater Sofa in Velvet Sunny Yellow Cover

It’s a Velvet Premium Sunny Yellow Sofa Cover. Your own little sun inside your living room. Add some blue pillowcases and voila! Your own holiday summer corner.

Summer Accessories

Have you ever thought about getting a hammock? I got one for myself last year. It was definitely the decision of the season. There is nothing more relaxing than resting on a hammock, with a cold drink on a hot summer day, with music in the background, and a book in one hand. As in regard to summer interior trends 2022 I would highly recommend making a list and visiting the closest home & decor store as soon as possible. Summer is coming! Check out our propositions!

Colorful potsColorful flower pots

Dots, stripes, definitely neons! Add some daisy stickers! If you prefer to keep things classy, choose darker shades of blue or green



Strings of lights

There are so many shapes available. You can go with sea shells, standard light bulbs, or combine them! It’s a perfect addition for a late summer night outside with a fireplace.



Marine wall decor

Hang a couple of boat pictures or lifebuoys on your walls. You can also choose a wallpaper with an oceanic view.




Fancy summer glasses

You need to serve your drinks somehow, right? Cold lemonade with fancy (paper, or metal) straws and little umbrellas attached to the drink – you can’t go wrong with that!



New pillowcases

Be creative in mixing and matching pillowcases with your newly-styled interior!




Our summer trends for couch covers

Bright, summer choices

All-year-round match

Bold, sensual, and elegant

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