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Polyester Petite Sofa Covers

Karo, Masters of covers,
Polyester Petite Sofa Covers
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Sofa cover in Polyester Petite – your new homies. Are you in love with polyester furniture? You have a good type! Check out our latest diamond within covers! Do you need another sign that you need new loveseat covers? Let’s take a closer look into the world of Polyester Petite together.

Polyester vs. Polyester Petite

Beautiful Polyester Petite sofa slipcovers or regular Polyester loveseat covers? What’s a better cover material for your furniture? Should it match your bedding? What’s the difference? Which one should you choose?

What about the name…?

The name Petite is quite meaningful here. We’ve decided it should mirror the fabric’s structure. Petite (from French – small) reflects the little material threads. Way smaller than the regular polyester threads. A lot of tiny stitchings make a whole new, soft Polyester Petite.

Fine threads and muted colors

Loveseat, couch, and sofa will love it! Even though it’s thinner, it’s definitely durable. It contains an admixture of nylon and is characterized by a very fine structure of threads. Its various colors consist of deep, dark, gray, and subdued shades. The material is designed for a loveseat, sofa, armchair, chair, and all other furniture. Soft and stylish pillowcases in polyester material are also a good idea!

Try to figure out whether the colors will match your walls, posters, and drapes, or maybe your floor and a fireplace.

Pros of sofa cover, chairs cover or armchairs cover in Polyester Petite


What is there to notice about our new fabric? The material will greatly match your home. It’s distinctive, soft, and has its own great features! Polyester Petite is carefully made of 95% polyester and 5% nylon. This design makes it more resistant. Durable almost like spandex! Well… maybe not like spandex but will be definitely a fantastic shield-protect for your sofa against kids or pets. In addition, it is also super soft to touch.

The biggest advantage

The grammature of the material is 350g/m2. The sofa cover in this configuration will withstand as many as 50,000 cycles. It’s a great furniture protector even for an old leather couch or your beloved aged loveseat.

Durable fabric and its color palette

Couch covers and pillowcases in Polyester Petite come in 8 unique colors.

White, light gray, or dark?

  • Polyester Petite Cool White furniture covers – even if it is a color of snow, doesn’t mean it’s designed for cold interiors only. It’s a new, fresh look for every home. It is comparable to our cotton family best seller – Cotton White material.
  • Polyester Petite Sand Grey sofa protector – cloudy, misty tone, works great with transitional style interior designs. The material in the shade of cold sand on the beach after sunset will be a perfect fit for a slipcover, cushions, chaise, or sectional sofa.
  • Polyester Petite Smoke Grey sofa covers – bright but subdued shade of light gray, a mix of traditional and modern style. Great for sofa slipcovers in bright and spacious interiors.
  • Polyester Petite Titanium Grey couch slipcovers – glossy but dark, the color of a solid metal which will be a dominant element in every interior. Not sure of light gray? The titanium color is definitely the opposite.

New couch or chair in bold, sensual, sunny colors?

  • Polyester Petite Dark Ocean sofa slipcover – a frosty and dark shade of cold water or of depths of the seas and oceans. Form fit couch cover in this color? Bold decision!
  • Polyester Petite Pomegranate couch covers – an intense pink-red of a juicy paradise fruit. It will definitely add some life to your arms covers, chaise covers, or cushion covers.
  • Polyester Petite Mustard individual covers – the color of unripe sunflowers or dark gold. It will look great on an armchair that will become the heart of every house.
  • Polyester Petite Pearl Beige chair and couch covers – it belongs to the light gray family. It’s a fine blend of darker and very light shades of beige. It resembles a cold, shiny, and pearl coating.

Protect your sectional sofa cover, chair cover, or separate cushion cover

How to wash your sofa cover?

Polyester Petite sofa slipcovers designed for your salon furniture are quite easy to clean. All of our current products are machine washable. Wash your Petite sofa cover at or below 30°C in a gentle cycle without bleach. Also remember that, even if it is really soaked, do not wring the cover. You don’t have to worry about coffee stains anymore!

Stretch sofa slipcovers?

Polyester Petite covers are not stretch sofa covers. They are pre-shrunk, so it means that even if the size fits perfectly, after the wrong wash, they may shrink. If you are afraid of that, we recommend choosing a relaxed fit cover with elastic bottom for your sofa or armchair.

Drying and ironing furniture covers

To preserve the secure fit of the polyester sofa cover, do not dry in the sun. Also, do it to protect the color of the sofa cover. Do you want your couch slipcover to have a longer life? Iron it at max. temp. 110°C or 230°F. That will make it smooth and soft to the touch.

Need some extra fabric?

You’ve already decided to buy your polyester sofa cover, but that’s not enough? No worries!

Fabric per meter

It is also possible to order Polyester Petite per meter. Maybe you need it for another piece of furniture? Or want a new seat cushion but for a different sofa? You can even make your own furniture covers! It is up to you how you use the purchased material. And remember – machine washable. So even if you will order one or two pieces of loose fabric, it is good to wash them before use.

Couch covers from our brand

We already have over 200 (!) furniture covers in the Masters of Covers online store. IKEA collections are our specialty. Among other things, we sew by hand:

  • couch covers,
  • seat cushions covers,
  • back cushions covers,
  • loveseat covers,
  • sofa arms covers,
  • sofas covers with elastic bottoms,
  • loose fit sofa covers,
  • individual fit couch covers,
  • chairs slipcovers.

By now, every cover for the sofa or pillow is machine washable. We also made sure that the fabric tucked into place won’t slip from your furniture. Most of our furniture covers are very easy to put on. Every piece of set for your couch came with stickers attached. They are one size and sewn inside of every sofa cover piece.

Perfect IKEA sofa cover ideas

Where should you place your sofa or armchair with a brand new cover on it? Salon, hall, or maybe dining room? You should try all of the options! With our unique IKEA furniture covers, even a seat in your kitchen will make a difference.

No waste philosophy

A couch cover is a modern solution for people who value the environment and economy. Sofas do not need to be thrown away. A brand new sofa does not necessarily have to be bought in a store. Not only will you live more in harmony with nature, but you will also save money for yourself. Or maybe to buy more sofas slipcovers…

Furniture inspirations

The fabric is not suitable for outdoor furniture on the patio. However, I believe your kids will enjoy your new loveseat cover inside your house!

You can match the color of your living room additions – to lamps, pillows, blankets, other furniture, sofa covers, rugs, bedding, etc. Some of our customers are sharing pictures with us – some of them have placed our covers in a dining room, kitchen, next to a bath (armchair), or in a kids’ room! Our shop offers a blend of furniture covers.


You can find more colors, types of fabric, and furniture inspiration by visiting our STORE. Check our deals and lowest prices on the market! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and catch some fresh promos! We can’t wait for you to show us your pictures! With your pets, kids, or new bedding type!

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