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  • About us

    Masters of covers
    – it is about friendship, passion and good design

We believe that objects have souls, that each object has a real story behind it, real emotions, and real memories.

We believe that real love and closeness are created in a homely atmosphere, with our favourite furniture. We believe that there is no need to throw away old good sofas or armchairs. You can give them a second life. How?

We offer brand new replacement covers for popular collections of sofas, chairs, armchairs, and beds of well-known brands. Our covers will give a fresh look and will bring new life into your old but very loved furniture. All you need to do is choose the color and fabric you like.

Our company was created due to … friendship. Friends from Poland, Chris and Joanna along with Allen and Anna from China decided to start something very special. An idea of an ambitious project that was both demanding and gratifying. A project that would combine both cultures from two entirely different places in the world. Different dreams and visions would create a multicultural fusion. The abundance of ideas and inspirations resulted in the craftmanship of custom-made covers for all. Our products are ideal for busy parents, pet lovers, independent individuals, and home-loving couples. We believe everyone needs a place they can relax in and unwind. We all search for that particular moment of peace and quiet, a cozy realm to feel good and comfortable.

Our company has been on the market of home&decor since 2016.

Our offices are very international since we are based in Poland, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Our replacement covers are produced by the highest quality standards and are always beautifully made. All products are highly functional and comfortable.

Meet our team!


Business development, Sales manager

On a daily basis, I look after a team of Masters in China. I control the entire production process, including shipping, and take care of the company’s constant development. This work gives me new impressions and a lot of satisfaction every day. And the biggest motivator is your satisfaction with our products.


Customer Service

Hello, I’m Julia. I am a customer service specialist. If you have any questions regarding our products or your order, I am here to help. You can contact me at +48 579 650 182
(on Workdays: 9:00am to 5:00pm Central European Time).

You can also email me:


Designer and Purchasing Manager

We would like you to have the best customer experience with Masters of Covers, which is why I work with professional interior designers on a daily basis. I make sure all fabrics we offer have a specific function. It delighted with color, texture, functionality, introduced innovations, gave comfort or emphasized individuality. If you have any suggestions for our material, write to


Business development, Sales manager

Hi, my name is Chris and I am responsible for business development. I work closely with Allen to ensure our company is in constant progress. Dynamic growth and the highest norms and standards, that is my thing. I am also responsible for the European market.


Marketing department, CMO

Welcome to Masters of Covers. I hope you will be pleased with our products, the result of creative efforts on our side. I am responsible for the visual aspect of our company. I also deal with communication and promotion. If you are an influencer, media or creative agency representative, feel free to contact me at


E-commerce specialist

Hi, my name is Ida. I supervise and monitor our e-commerce channels. I create and promote our products on various selling websites such as Amazon or Etsy. I love dogs and pet-friendly covers!


Content Creator

I love working with creative content like photos and videos, that’s why I spend so much time browsing through TikTok. I believe I can help bring your ideas to life in a spectacular way.



Social Media & Content Specialist

Hi, my name is Kasia. I take care of the content on the website and run our Social Media.

You and your ideas matter to us the most. We are very happy we can help you create your own world!

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