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How to wash sofa, armchair, and chair covers?

Karo, Masters of covers,
How to wash sofa, armchair, and chair covers?
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Have you ever wondered how to wash sofa covers? Here we present all the instructions in one place. Also, check out our tips for cleaning tough stains! Washing has never been easier! All of our covers are machine washable!

Everyday life care and machine washed fabrics

When you receive your cover, the best thing you can do is wash it. It’s quite easy since all the covers can be machine washed. Some other cleaning methods are listed below. Weekly, you may use a dry cloth to wipe the whole couch cover. Removing your couch cushions may help as well. All fabrics have specific washing instructions, but they all are machine washable.

Your couch cushions may need a little bit more care. Wiping off pet hair, using a mild detergent or a damp cloth with plain water. If you don’t want to use a washing machine, because your upholstery material is stained in one spot, I suggest using cold water in a spray bottle with a microfiber cloth. Do not use hot water.

The wash cycle will depend on the fabric. You can read more about each of them below.

Most of the time, it’s not even necessary to use a washing machine, you can simply vacuum your entire couch. Also, a good idea to refresh your sofa cover is to use a steamer. Steam ironing is gentler, and easier, and also minimizes the risk of burning the fabric.

Deep clean of couch cover

It’s not recommended to use bleach, however, there are other substitutes that you may use to clean your couch covers.

You may use a steam cleaner, however, please set it at the lowest temperature. Baking soda is also an option as a stain remover on the affected area. It works great with dirt and paw marks. You may also add a little bit of it to your laundry detergent.

Sometimes you may hear about a specific upholstery cleaner, but I think old, good grandma tips are the best tips. Please don’t use a solvent based cleaner, as it may damage the upholstery. Do not use a drying machine, even at the low heat setting.

Get into all the corners and under the couch cushions by using a brush and a crevice attachment. This is also how you should clean the other furniture (start with an inconspicuous area of fabric before using any of the other spot cleaning techniques).

Cotton couch covers – washing instructions

Let’s start with the most popular fabric – cotton. It’s required to follow the manufacturer’s tag. Our covers are made of 100% cotton. It’s a full natural fabric, recommended for families with children.

Use your washing machine to wash your sofa cover without bleach at a temperature of 40°C or less. Never wring out the cover, even if it is quite wet.

Don’t forget to let it drip dry in the shade. I am aware that simply putting it in the dryer could be more practical however, the fabric may lose its shape and color. You can iron your cotton cover if you require a flawless finish at max. temp. 150°C or 300°F.

It weighs 350 g per square meter. Cotton is pre-shrunk. Martindale is 29 000. The “Martindale Test” assesses the tensile strength and suitability of upholstery fabric for general domestic or commercial use. It is a frequently used test that yields the most precise results.

Polyester couch covers – washing instructions

When taking your cover off, please remember about your couch cushions – they need your attention too. The easiest way is to wash your covers in the washing machine.

Use your washing machine and avoid using bleach while washing your sofa cover at a temperature of 40°C or less. Don’t wring the cover.

Please note that you need to drip dry it in the shade. Although it might be easier to merely put in the dryer, the fabric is not appropriate for that. You can iron your cover to its maximum smoothness at 230°F or 110°C.

It weighs 340g/m2. Martindale is 53 000. You can read more about the Martindale Test above.

Polyester Petite couch covers – washing instructions

Polyester Petite sofa slipcovers designed for your living room furniture are quite easy to clean. Use your washing machine at default settings and wash your cover at or below 30°C without bleach. Even if it is really soaked, do not wring the cover.

Drip it dry in the shade. If you need your cover to be perfectly smooth, you may iron it to the max. temperature 110°C or 230°F. Now you can enjoy your freshly washed polyester couch cover.

It weighs 350 g per square meter. Martindale is 50 000. You can read more about the Martindale Test above. Polyester Petite is pre-shrunk. It’s carefully made of 95% polyester and 5% nylon.

You can read more about this fantastic fabric in our other article – dedicated to Polyester Petite >>>

Velvet couch covers – washing instructions

It’s recommended to use a delicate cycle. Velvet is one of the easiest fabrics to clean. Throw your cover into the washing machine, set the temperature maximum at 40 degrees, and turn it on!

Remember: do not use bleach as it may damage the material. Do not wring your wet cover. Also, note that it’s important to drip dry your cover in the shade in lieu of using a tumble dryer. When it’s clean and dry – it’s ready to be back on your sofa!

Please also remember to not iron the fabric with classic, ordinary iron. Use the steamer instead, but be very careful. Turn your device on low heat and do not touch the cover. Take some time and patience. Now I believe you know everything about cleaning the velvet cover!

It weighs 280g/m2. Martindale is 25 000. You can read more about the Martindale Test above.

Premium Velvet couch covers – washing instructions

Premium Velvet is the easiest fabric to clean. It’s possible to eliminate a stain quite quickly. You just need to take the cover off your furniture. Then throw it into the washing machine, set the temperature at most at 30 degrees, and turn it on. You may use a gentle cycle.

Remember: do not use bleach as it may damage the material. Do not wring it. Also, please note that it’s important to drip dry your cover in the shade, as written on the washing label. When it’s clean and dry – it’s ready to be back on your couch!

As with classic velvet: do not use classic iron – use steamer in the same way as with classic Velvet.

It weighs 300 grams per square meter. Martindale is 50 000. You can read more about the Martindale Test above.

It’s the strongest fabric available. It’s perfect for families with kids and pets. The upholstery is amazingly durable.

Tetron Cotton couch cover – washing instructions

It’s a very specific material. It looks amazing and needs a little bit more care. It’s not suitable for pets, or kids. It’s quite durable, however, to some extent. It’s made of 30% Polyester, 30% Rayon, and 40% Cotton. It weighs 380g/m2. Martindale is 40 000. You can read more about the Martindale Test above.

Please do not use bleach, as it may damage the material. Wash at or below 40 degrees. Don’t wring the wet covers. If you feel the need, you may iron the covers at max. temp. 110℃ or 230℉. The fabric might be slightly damp, so it’s best to air dry it in the shade. Now it’s nice, clean, and ready to be back on your furniture!

Pillowcases, couch cushions – cleaning solution

Obviously, removable covers are cleaned best in the washing machine. However, sometimes a water-based cleaner and a clean white cloth may do the magic. Try to gently wipe the stain off. Don’t rub it in. The couch cushions are the first thing you pay attention to, so try to remove all the stains thoroughly.

You may try so-called spot cleaning solutions. For that, you will need some warm water, a spray bottle, some soap, and a clean cloth. Gently apply some water onto stains and dip your cloth in the water. Then, apply some of the soap onto those stains. It will remove all the dirt from the cushion. Later on, use some water to clean the spots, dry the covers and be happy with your quick wash!

Tip for cleaning your couch covers

Always test any new cleaning technique on a hidden patch of fabric (or by using fabric samples ordered before), such as the region beneath one of your cushions, before using it all over, to ensure that it won’t fade or harm the fabric.

It’s always better to take the covers off your sofa and your couch cushions. When cleaning a stain by hand, please remember to use a neutral PH detergent. Always spot treat the stained area first, It’s best to do so right away. The clean cloth will work just fine. Don’t let the cover absorb the stain. Make sure that your covered couch is not placed in full sunlight for the whole day as it may cause significant damage to the fabric.

Sometimes, using an upholstery vacuum cleaner may do the job. Unless it’s a liquid stain. Check out our tips for certain types of stains below!

Ink stain

It’s best to clean it with… a hair spray! Can you believe that? Just cover the smudge with a layer of the hair product and wait until the alcohol sucks the stain away! (Please note that it needs to contain alcohol.) Of course, the next thing to do is to wash your cover in the washing machine. All the instructions for every fabric you may find above.

Dried-up stains

How to get rid of those? Apply some shaving foam onto the stain and leave it for about 10 minutes. It works like magic, even on red wine spills! Then, use a very soft brush and start gently brushing the upholstery (one way only). After the spot treatment, wash your upholstery in a washing machine.

Coffee spill

Mix some baking soda with cold water and cover the spill with the blend. Leave it overnight. On the next day, vacuum your cushion covers and you are good to go!

I hope some of our ideas turned out to be helpful!

Dry Cleaning of couch covers – is it a good idea?

Let me say this – no. We do not recommend doing it. You never know how and what they treat the covers with. It’s simply too risky to do that. It’s so easy to do it at home. You will encounter more trouble by going and dry cleaning your cover, than by using your own washing machine. Your covers for cushions will appreciate it! Conclusion? Don’t dry clean your covers!

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