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How to put the cover on an Ektorp sofa?

Kasia, Masters of covers,
How to put the cover on an Ektorp sofa?
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Are you tired of the same old look of your Ektorp sofa from Ikea? Does it feel like it lost its charm and sparkle over time? Or maybe it simply needs a change or refreshing? Ektorp sofa covers are the perfect solution for upgrading your old, but beloved couch.

We understand the importance of feeling exceptional while sitting on your own sofa. We know that its appearance means a lot, and this good old couch brings so many emotions . That’s why we offer sofa covers in 54 fabrics. You can choose the material between cotton, tetron cotton, velvet, premium velvet, polyester and polyester petite. There is also a huge selection of colors – from white and neutrals, to bright, bold and deep hues. Everyone will surely find something for himself.

The Ektorp sofa from Ikea is one of the bestsellers that reign in many homes. This exceptional couch has many advantages. And when it comes to putting a cover on it, it turns out that it couldn’t be easier. But if you still have little issues – don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Cover installation on Ektorp series is fast and hassle-free. All of the models, such as Ektorp 3 Seater, Ektorp 2 Seater, Ektorp Armchair, Ektorp Jennylund or Ektorp Tullsta, have covers installed in the same way. Follow these few steps and enjoy a fresh-looking couch in a very short time.


Step 1: Take the old covers off the cushions.

Step 2: Take the old main body cover off and put the new one on. Make sure that everything is set up evenly.

Step 3: Put the new covers on the cushions.

And that’s it! Easy, right? For the best result we prepared few more tips:

Tip 1: Every cover has its own label that informs you which piece of the sofa it fits.

Tip 2: We recommend washing the covers before putting them on.

Tip 3*: To achieve the best appearance for your sofa, consider ironing the cover as well.

* Before ironing, make sure that your cover’s fabric is ironable. Some materials, such as velvet and premium velvet cannot be ironed. For more info check our website and “Fabrics&samples” tab.

Piece of cake, isn’t it? But hey, we get it! Even though you still have some problems with putting the cover on your sofa correctly, we have prepared a special video where our great team shows you step by step how to put the cover on.


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