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Is replacement sofa cover a good idea?

Karo, Masters of covers,
Is replacement sofa cover a good idea?
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Are you still wondering if a replacement furniture cover is worth buying? Or maybe you are hearing about it for the first time? Do not worry – we have answers to every question that is bothering you! Let us introduce you to all the prosperities and opportunities of easy and affordable home makeovers using handmade products by Masters of Covers.

When should I keep my old sofa?

In the beginning, you should ask yourself the very first and important question: should I replace my sofa? When changing the interior, it’s not surprising that your old furniture won’t fit in your new vision. However, throwing away one of your biggest fittings like a couch or armchair does not have to be inevitable. If you take proper care of your sofa, it can last from 7 to 13 years!

You should definitely keep your sofa if…

  • Springs are still supportive
  • You do not have to spend much money on fixing broken elements
  • After cleaning, your couch is still safe for you and your family’s health (for example, no fungus or moths developed before)
  • The frame is still strong and stable
  • You have a sentiment for your furniture, which has been through a lot with you 😉

How much does a new couch or armchair cover cost?

The cost of a replacement cover depends on how big the piece of fitting you have at your home. Clearly, IKEA sofa covers will be more expensive than covers for chairs or footstools. But still, it is a more affordable way to refresh your interior. Need some proof? Let’s take a close look at prices!


It is one of the most popular 3-seater sofas with a sleeping function at the international IKEA store. This simple and very universal piece of furniture will perfectly fit in almost every interior. On the official IKEA website, you can buy it in only 5 color variants: Skiftebo blue, Skiftebo dark gray, Hyllie beige, Hyllie dark grey, and Boomstad black. Depending on the chosen material for the cover, the current price starts at $849 and ends at $999. Quite a lot to replace a still good piece of furniture, right? Instead of that, you can change only the slipcover starting at just $218 for the most affordable fabric in our store, which is classic Polyester.

Additionally, you can choose from our store two variants of this couch cover – not only individual fit but also loose fit (with a long skirt). It is up to you what kind of design you will choose for your vision. We also have up to 50 fabrics to choose from, not only 5, like in the IKEA store. Click the links below and check out more details for the FRIHETEN Corner Sofa Bed cover in every option.


VIMLE is a quite new collection available in Europe, which is gaining more and more popularity. Like the FRIHETEN sofa, it is a highly comfortable and versatile piece of furniture. Let’s take a look at a 2-seater variant. At the European IKEA store, it costs £550, which is about 675 US dollars. It also has a poor selection of materials, only 6 are available: Saxemara black-blue, Saxemara light blue, Hallarp Beige, Hallarap grey, Gunnared beige, and Gunnared medium grey. As in the previous case, with us, you can choose from many more materials for upholstery and the price starts from only $170. Take a look at two variants of VIMLE slipcovers in our store:


Is it also worth it with armchairs? Of course, it is! In the case of the IKEA Ektorp armchair, the price starts at just $130 per cover in our store. Plus we have a huge selection of textures and colors. Click the link below to get to know better all options for this house fitting.

Pros of a replacement cover

There are lots of advantages of buying replacement IKEA couch covers. Makeover of your home does not have to mean a big renovation with a lot of effort and spending money.

  1. It is much cheaper than buying a new couch or armchair. We don’t need to prove it anymore, right?
  2. It takes much less time and physical effort.
  3. Our replacement covers are available in dozens of materials and colors. You are not limited by the poor selection of original furniture.
  4. By not throwing away your old sofa, you are not littering the planet.
  5. Cleaning the cover is much easier than cleaning the entire sofa. Put it in the washing machine and it’s done!
  6. You can buy several covers for different seasons and at the same time – for different home decor. The same piece of furniture, a unique style each time.
  7. There is an option to customize your order (mixed colors, added pillows, etc)

Rich color & texture palette

As mentioned before, we offer a very rich color and texture palette. Depending on your needs, you can choose fabric perfectly suited for you and your interior. In Fabric & Samples tab you can find 6 unique types of materials.



100% natural fabric. Cotton is breathable and very comfortable. Its delicate quality will be ideal for people who value comfort, natural fibers, and elegance. Currently, it is available in 9 shades: White, Cream, Blue, Coffee, Dark Grey, Grey, Lake Blue, Olive Green, and Red.





It is a softer version of the classic Polyester fabric. It contains an admixture of nylon and is characterized by a very fine structure of threads. The weight of this fabric is as much as 350g/m2. This is a great solution for lovers of cool and muted colors. Available in 8 colors: Cool White, Dark Ocean, Mustard, Pearl Beige, Pomegranate, Sand Grey, Smoke Grey, and Titanium Grey.




This material is a durable fabric that is easy to clean. It’s an ideal choice for families with children. It comes in a wide range of colors and everyone will find their absolute favorite. The polyester we offer is of high GSM — 340g/m2. Available in 13 (!) colors: Black, Dark Grey, Dark Khaki, Green, Light Cyan, Light Grey, Light Khaki, Marine, Navy Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, and Yellow.




Our Classic Velvet is a highly elegant fabric, pleasant to touch, and very comfortable. Perfect for families with children. Because of its shiny finish, it is an ideal solution for people who want to introduce a bit of luxury into their interior. Currently available in 13 shades: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Sunny Yellow, Dark Violet, Teal Blue, Green, Mint, Grey, Iron Grey, Violet, and Lilac.




Velvet Premium is a highly durable fabric, perfect for children and resistant to scratches by animals. At the same time, it retains the best features of a classic velvet – delicacy, softness, and luxurious shine. It is available in 7 colors: Medium Bronze, Honey, Dusty Rose, Graphite Grey, Steel Grey, Midnight Blue, and Laguna Green.





Tetron Cotton is a perfect combination of comfortable cotton and very durable viscose. It is characterized by a cross-weave, which makes the fabric thick and resistant to damage. It is a great solution for families with children and also for those with four-legged friends. Available in 3 color variants: Black, Green, and Red.




Couch covers and the environment

In today’s times, it is very important to always have in mind our planet Earth. In recent years, people’s awareness of the climate has been increasing. When establishing our brand, we wanted to create a product that would be compatible with our everyday lifestyle. Furniture covers are the perfect solution in the spirit of reusability. Cleaning or minor repair of the cover also takes much less time than the entire piece of furniture, which is heavy and bulky. In addition, sofas, wardrobes, chests, drawers, or beds are bulky waste that is very difficult to dispose of.

Our covers are also handmade. We don’t want to rush into producing the perfect coverage for your couch, chair, or armchair. Our designers and seamstresses pay great attention to every detail. Another important aspect of our business is the OUTLET. There, you will find products from returns or that have been used in our photo shoots. They are not damaged, they have been previously sewn for another purpose and now are waiting for their rightful owner. Throw away? That’s not our style!

How to clean the sofa?

Before you will put on the new slipcover on your IKEA couch, it is important to get it perfectly clean. Thanks to this, you will enjoy the fresh smell at home, comfort, and reduce the risk of getting rid of the sofa! First of all, those products may be useful: water, vacuum cleaner, baking soda, dry brush, vinegar, gloves, steamer, and dry towel. It is not necessary to use all of them at the same time, it is up to you what results you want to achieve. Below you will find a guide step by step and a few tips on how to clean the upholstery by yourself at home.


  1. The quicker, the better. If the stain on your couch or armchair is new, remember that waiting for too long before cleaning the stain is making it harder to get rid of.
  2. Always check your furniture manufacturer’s recommendations. Furniture are made of different textiles and materials. It is okay to not know how to take care of them. Before using any detergents or hacks for cleaning, read the manufacturer’s instructions for care. You can usually find them on the sofa’s tags or you can also visit the official website of the producer. Also, check below the Cleaning Code for the fabrics sofa, which may appear on your couch, chair, or armchair tag.
  3. Use a dry brush to remove dust, dry stains, or animal hair. It is an optional step, depending on the condition of your piece of furniture.
  4. Grab the vacuum cleaner! It is the best way to remove all loose particles, dust, hairs, or crumbs. Make sure that the surface of the material is devoid of all physical impurities. It will make your next steps much easier and more effective.
  5. Baking soda is your new friend. Baking soda is also an amazing and effective cleaning treatment. For minor soiling and a complete refreshment of the sofa, all you need to do is spread it over the entire sofa and leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes. In the end, just use again the vacuum. It will remove any odor and get rid of signs of use. For more difficult dirt, you can create a homemade cleaning emulsion. In a big bowl mix equal amounts of baking soda and water. Once the baking soda has fully absorbed the stain, vacuum it up with a brush attachment. Also, remember to try the solution on a small part of the stain first before you clean the entire sofa.
  6. Use the manufacturer’s recommended detergent. Start cleaning more deeply with the recommended product. Whether it is a water-based agent or a solvent (or both) please follow the instruction on the package and remember to use gloves. You do not want to hurt your hands or destroy the manicure, right?
  7. Dry the upholstery with a soft towel. Gently touch wet areas of your sofa with a dry towel. At the same time, brush off any remaining cleaning products.
  8. Let your sofa breathe! Let the fabric of your fresh couch air dry overnight. Do not use any heat-based device, for example, a hair dryer. It can cause visible stains, often not possible to remove. Also do not dry it in the harsh sun. This may cause the color to fade.


  • W – use only water-based solutions
  • S – sofa fabric can be cleaned with solvent-based products
  • S/W – water and solvent-based detergents can be used
  • X – vacuum only

Secure your sofa for many years

There are 3 easy but magical rules to keep your sofa in great condition for years. Prevention is much easier (and cheaper) than cure!

  • To prevent color fading, keep your sofa away from direct sunlight or strong heat sources (for example, a fireplace).
  • Avoid strong and oily cosmetic products, such as sun cream or body lotion, coming into contact with the fabric.
  • Beware of sharp objects near your favorite furniture. It is also good to keep away any kind of Velcro from your couch or armchair.

How to take care of the sofa slipcover?

Cleaning your sofa cover may be similar to cleaning the entire couch but…easier. For now, every fabric in our collection is machine washable. So it is very easy to clean them deeply if needed. Every step from How to clean the sofa? can be used for cleaning replacement slipcovers. So where is the difference? Remember that there are two ways to put on your furniture cover. Sometimes the original upholstery can’t be removed, so you may put the new one on top of the old one. It is not problematic but in this case, please note that if you spill some kind of liquid on the replacement cover, it will soak also in the original one. Cleaning only the surface may not be enough.

To make cleaning our sofa covers easy all fabric samples have attached labels with instructions to it. Also to deep dive into washing every kind of material on our offer, check out the previous article How to wash sofa, armchair, and chair covers? You will find there detailed instructions on how to wash our slipcovers, at what temperature, do’s and don’ts, how to iron them, and many more.

How to change the couch slipcover?

Depending on the type of cover, there are different forms of their installation. Sofa covers in our store can be divided into five main categories:


There are many types of couches. On the market, we can find single, double, or multi-seater sofas. There are also those with or without sleeping function. Some of them require unscrewing certain elements (for example FRIHETEN or MANSTAD collection), but in the case of IKEA furniture, it is very simple. Some time ago we prepared detailed instructions on how to change a sofa cover. You can similarly use it for many types of furniture. You can find a guide on this in our previous article How to put the cover on Friheten Sofa Bed.


Armchair, chair, and footstool covers are the easiest slipcovers to put on. They usually have only one, two, or three elements. Watch our short video below to take a closer look at that easy process!


Chaise lounge covers are also very easy to put on the furniture. With the individual fit version, it is necessary to slightly unscrew the unit (e.g SODERHAMN chaise lounge) but they are also many examples of putting the slipcover similar to the Ektorp Armchair in the video above (e.g. KARLSTAD chaise lounge).


  1. Wash before putting it on for the first time. It is good to wash a brand-new product, especially cotton covers which are pre-shrunk. It means that without washing they may be a bit too big due to this fabric’s prosperities.
  2. Check if the old cover can be removed. There are two ways to put a new sofa cover on. Putting it on the old cover or removing the completely original one. Check what possibilities your furniture has in this regard.
  3. Iron according to the instructions on the label. The ironed and shiny slipcover is impressive, but remember to read the instructions for the fabric you ordered first. For example, velvet covers are not designed to be ironed and you can damage them permanently with heat. It is better to use a steamer instead.
  4. Invite your friends or family! It’s easier and more fun to do things together, right? If your piece of furniture for which you ordered a replacement cover is large, a helping hand is always useful.
  5. Keep all screws together. If your IKEA furniture needs to be disassembled, prepare a small container for all parts so you don’t lose them.

As you can see, buying a replacement sofa, chair, or armchair cover is an idea that offers many possibilities and advantages. If you still have any doubts feel free to contact us at or visit our social media to get to know us better!

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