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Velvet Sofa Cover – is it worth it?

Karo, Masters of covers,
Velvet Sofa Cover –  is it worth it?
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Velvet Sofa Cover – perfect for your interior. We all know how hard it is to choose the ideal cover for the furniture. Today I will dive with you into the depths of the velvet sea.

Colors – how to choose the perfect one?

Dark shades

You aren’t sure of the color? Velvets are known for their intensity. They are strong, sophisticated, and daring fabrics. Let me introduce you to some of the pigments. Our exquisite black velvet sofa cover is made for elegant, bold interiors, where everything seems brand new. The thing is, it’s a deep black color. Therefore, it matches every design. Does your room have orange walls, rainbow carpet, and dark curtains? The black velvet cover will fit right in! If you like dark colors, you will enjoy our Chocolate Brown Velvet Cover. Perfect for people who have a sweet tooth! The color accommodates well in white and brown spaces with a retro touch.

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Velvet Black Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Black Velvet Sofa Cover

Bright shades

For those, who cannot wait for the summer – I strongly recommend the Yellow Velvet Sofa Cover. It brightens up your space a lot. Start living with your own sun, and you will see how much it can positively influence your attitude. How about some powerful greys? Velvet Iron Grey is a very mature shade. It may seem like a heartless color, but in reality, it brings some peace and safety feelings into your home. Velvet Grey is ideal for subdued interiors, with tasteful accessories. It also goes well with pastel pink designs.

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Lilac Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Lilac Velvet Sofa Cover

Green and blue shades

Water lovers – we’ve got you COVERed! Velvet Blue and Velvet Teal Blue are amazing for those of you, who would love to introduce some ocean colors into their home. Let’s not forget about Velvet Green Cover – another intense beauty. Have you ever seen the color of fresh, soaked grass after the rain? That’s Velvet Green. Perfect for bright spaces where it’s going to boldly stand out like the king of the room. The other greenish color is Mint, which is mildly refreshing. It is a shade of very bright, cold green with blue reflections.

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Blue Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Blue Velvet Sofa Cover



Thanks to evenly distributed threads Velvet is a smooth fabric, soft to touch, and extremely comfortable. It is composed of 100% Polyester, with a short dense pile. Its grammage equals 280g/sq.m. Our Velvet’s durability is 25,000 double rubs – the rub count of a fabric is how much use it can endure in its lifetime. A fabric with this rub count lasts for years with consistent use. I strongly recommend the fabric for families with kids, who can easily enjoy its softness without parental concerns about the velvet’s resilience. It’s not encouraged to use the Velvet Sofa Covers with pets. If you have a four-legged friend – the best option is to choose Premium Velvet fabric. Since Velvet matches every interior it’s an ideal solution for people who want to introduce a bit of luxury into their interiors. It is characterized by a deep shine and a slightly plush structure.

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Mint Velvet Sofa Cover

How to take care of a Velvet Sofa Cover?

Velvet is one of the easiest fabrics to clean. You just need to take the cover off your furniture. Then throw it into the washing machine, set the temperature at most at 40 degrees, and turn it on! Remember: do not use bleach as it may damage the material. Do not wring your wet cover and do not iron it. Also, note that it’s important to drip dry your cover in the shade in lieu of using a tumble dryer. When it’s clean and dry – it’s ready to be back on your sofa! Now I believe you know everything about cleaning the cover!

Velvet inspirations

Let’s take a look at some interior designs. How can you match the color of the Velvet Sofa Cover with your living room? As I already have explained the details of each color I am going to focus on some extra tips for you regarding the placement of your sofa.

  • Order fabric samples

    This may seem time-consuming, but you will thank me later – it’s very important that you are 100% satisfied with the fabric and color which you decide to decorate your living room with!

  • Decide about the importance of your couch

    Would you like your couch to be the main attraction of your room or maybe you need it to blend in with the rest of the furniture? If you want it to rule your space – I recommend choosing highly intense colors like Velvet Black, Burgundy, Blue, Yellow, Dark Violet, or Green.

  • Focus on your walls

    The ideal cover can either match the color of your walls or be the complete opposite. If you have pastel shades on your walls and you want to keep the room in those colors – I suggest picking brighter velvets. You can go with Velvet Mint, Grey, or Lilac. Depending on where you would like your sofa to be placed, I recommend checking out our Instagram page for inspiration.

  • Add some extras

    A blanket or an extra pillow will look great, especially if they are the opposite of your cover’s color! You may want to think about adding some white pillows to Velvet Black Sofa Cover or pink cushions to Velvet Grey Sofa Cover. Unless you are in no need of touching details – our cover presents itself perfectly with no additions!

  • Base your pick on your needs

    Even if you have frequent visitors – remember to choose your cover based on your needs. You must feel comfortable with your choice – nobody else matters. If you have kids who love to use crayons all around the house, it will be best to pick darker colors of fabric like Velvet Black, Chocolate Brown, Blue, or Iron Grey.

  • Enjoy your choice!

    Be proud of your cover! We are very happy we can be a part of your perfect home! Enjoy!

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Burgundy Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Iron Grey Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Violet Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA 2 Klippan Seater in Sunny Yellow Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Grey Velvet Sofa Cover

IKEA Klippan 2 Seater in Dark Violet Velvet Sofa Cover

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