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Get to know our work closely

Karo, Masters of covers,
Get to know our work closely
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We get many different messages from you. However, you often ask us about the process of creating the cover and its shipping. We decided to simplify it into a few steps and present it to you in this article. Everything will be clear and understandable, promise!

STEP 1 – Receiving your order and its verification

The very first stage is receiving your order and its verification. We may contact you and ask some questions regarding your order. For example, the dimensions of your sofa or which model of POÄNG chair you have. After the order, you will receive a confirmation email from us. The message will have all the information about the order, including the estimated delivery time. From the moment the payment is confirmed by our system, the processing time of your order is calculated.

STEP 2 – Drawing and cutting fabric for covers

After verification, your order is forwarded to our production team. The master designer draws the pattern of the model. At this stage, all extra features are being made. For example, if you have requested a longer skirt or contrasting piping, it is in our design room that we make the adjustments. 

Using specialized equipment, the patterns are drawn and cut. Places for a zipper or any other custom wishes are also marked, stenciled, or marked. As you may imagine, all these require focus and concentration. When the pattern is ready, it is passed to our sewing team, where the production of the cover is finalized.

STEP 3 – Sewing and finishing touches

The next step in preparing the perfect cover for you is combining the cut-out elements into a whole. The multiple elements of the pattern are sewn together by our team of dedicated specialists. At this stage, precision is the key element. We want to make sure everything fits as it should. 

We also check if all the customized details are in place. The finishing touches and quality control are also essential at this stage. We are committed to our cover lasting long and looking stunning too. The process of sewing and preparing your sofa cover takes 1-3 weeks.

STEP 4 – Packing and delivery

Your cover has been sewn. Now it is time for quality control. A designated specialist checks if the cover is simply perfect. No faults were recorded, and the cover is ready for shipment. We pack it carefully in the box. The cover will be well protected against any damage during the journey.

The parcel, with hundreds of other parcels, will be shipped to your home. The process of production and shipment takes between two and three weeks. The actual shipment time is between 3 and 7 days.

Now you know how it works! If you still have some questions, feel free to e-mail or DM us on our Facebook and Instagram. You can also find details about our team and read about our story in the About Us tab.

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