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How does our production process look like?

Kasia, Masters of covers,
How does our production process look like?
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Many of you may be wondering how the process of making covers looks like. We would like to guide you through the production process of our covers and show you how it looks from the moment our Production Team receives the order. Relax, read and all your questions and doubts will be cleared!

STEP 1 – Product design

The moment the Production Team receives the order, the production process starts. Here, our master designer meticulously sketches out the pattern for your selected model. For this purpose, a special blanking die is used to help determine the proper shape. During this stage, any additional features or customizations are skillfully crafted right here in our design studio.

STEP 2 – Drawing details 

We use specialized equipment to meticulously create the patterns for sofa covers. This includes marking and stenciling areas for features like zippers or other customizations.

STEP 3 – Cutting

Once the pattern is sketched, we cut it out. This stage requires full concentration and attention to ensure that all details are precisely cut out. We want no material to be wasted, that’s why we care so much for every detail to be perfect. Any leftover material is used for fabric samples. Once the pattern reaches its final form, it is then handed over to our skilled Sewing Team to complete the production of the cover.

STEP 4 – Sewing cover

When the Sewing Team gets precisely cut fabrics, they start sewing materials and creating the entire cover. Various elements of the pattern are sewn together. Every slipcover and every part of it needs to fit the furniture perfectly. That’s why every part of the cover is being made with attention to every detail. Our production specialists pay attention to ensure that each seam, zipper or Velcro is in the right place.

STEP 5 – Testing

Once the covers are finished, the Sewing Team passes them on to our testers. Specialized teams check whether each cover is sewn properly, test products and refine them. Every seam is being checked and if there are any threads sticking out, they cut them out. When everything is done, covers are being cleaned from any dust.

STEP 6 – Packing

The process of sewing and preparing sofa covers takes 1-3 weeks. Next step is packing covers into cardboard boxes. To each package we add an instruction leaflet and moisture-wicking sachet. When everything is already checked and packed, we ship the cover to the customer.


* Customized covers

We also make customized covers. Their production is similar, but there are a few differences. Firstly, when the customer wishes to have a customized cover made, we ask them to provide as many details of the furniture as possible, to make a perfectly fitted cover. The best way to achieve the perfect results is through scrupulous photos, precise measurements and detailed description of the furniture. Important details are also whether the furniture has Velcro or zippers. Once we get needed information, we send it to our Production Team. Then, the master designer creates the project using received measurements and other important info. We also check if all of the customized details are in place. The finishing touches and quality control are also essential at this stage. After that, when the pattern reaches its final form, it is then ready to be delivered to the Sewing Team, so they can complete the production of the cover. After that, the finished cover is being handed to the tester, who checks every detail – from each seam to all protruding threads. Cover is being cleaned, packed and sent to the customer. Please note that not every cover can be made. If you’re interested, please use the form on our website to send us a question, so we could check if it is possible to make a customized cover for your furniture.

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