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Discover our fabrics

Karo, Masters of covers,
Discover our fabrics
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Discover the variety of our covers! You might have noticed that we have quite a few fabrics to choose from. And we can imagine that it may be just a bit overwhelming to have so many textiles on just one website. So we thought we will tell you something about each of the materials we offer.


All-natural, breathable fibers. For lovers of nature and Scandinavian style. Cotton is also great for all kinds of allergies and sensitivities. Easy to wash, dry flat in the shade and enjoy!


Scientifically transformed cellulose. Ideal for those seeking durability, resistance, and easy maintenance. Easy-peasy to wash and very quick to dry.

Tetron Cotton

It incorporates the characteristics of both cotton and polyester. It has a natural look that is combined with the durability of polyester. Machine washable.


Smooth and elegant, these synthetic fibers are so comfortable to relax on. Easy to wash, easy to dry, easy to wipe stains. Luxurious and soft, can easily be the central piece of any room. 

Premium Velvet

The best of the kind, combine the smoothness of velvet and resistance to any claws, paws, or teeth. The special technology protects the velvets premium against the most ferocious attack from any mauwing or barking perpetrator.

We hope this short introduction has given you some idea about our fabrics. All you need to do now is order some samples. And don’t forget, they are all free and shipped for free too.

Click here and discover the full range of our cover fabric.

Order up to 5 free samples.

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