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Perfect living room color combinations

Kasia, Masters of covers,
Perfect living room color combinations
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Living room is a place that has a huge meaning. We spend a lot of time relaxing on the couch, which is the centerpiece of living space. While that, we want to feel comfortable with the whole interior. What does it mean? It means that the right choice of colors has an impact on our well-being and comfort. That is why well matched color combinations are so important. But what if you don’t know how to mix colors? We’re here to help!


Dive into the magic color palette

Colors can be mixed and matched in many different ways. But what if you want to achieve perfect living room color combination? The only thing stopping you is your imagination. You don’t have to be an interior designer! Here are some of our best recommendations of color schemes to inspire.

Neutrals always on top

Light colors and neutral tones never go out of style and are reigning in many home interior designs. White or beige walls, accessories and furniture are still trending. They create a minimalistic and aesthetic vibe, which allows to match many decorations without an effort. Picture your living room in soothing shades like soft beige, warm grey, or gentle ivory. These hues serve as the canvas on which you can sprinkle accents of white or dark brown. More colorful but subdued shades will also look nice and stylish. Imagine a Polyester Petite Sand Grey sofa with brown pillows on it – sounds great, right? Neutrals are timeless colors, so don’t hesitate and give the room a makeover! 

Ektorp 3 Seater in Polyester Petite Sand Grey


Earthy vibes as your living room colors

Earthy colors are a running trend in interior designs, some people also feel better being surrounded by decorations resembling nature. Wooden accents, stones, many green plants – it all has an impact on our minds. Earthy tones also attract thoughts related to the natural world – the warm embrace of soil, the rugged texture of stones, and the lush abundance of forests. Imagine a living room dressed in a palette of warm browns, soft beiges, and gentle greens. You can mix them all, they will create an exceptional, unique and cozy atmosphere.

Klippan 2 Seater in Polyester Green


High-contrast elegance

If you don’t want your living room to be boring, but need elegance and sophistication, we got you! Imagine a couch in deep, green velvet or velvet burgundy, standing as a centerpiece of your home, drawing all the attention to itself. Add some fuchsia, dark yellow or even black pillows for some color break. These striking duos create an instant focal point, capturing attention and infusing the room with a touch of opulence. Color pairing can be fun! Mix bold colors with shades of blue, burnt orange or pink hues. Unique color combos will surely create exceptional ambiance in your living space. Our best, eye-catching recommendations would be Sofa Cover in Polyester Fuchsia!

Klippan 2 Seater Polyester Fuchsia


Reflect your optimism and mix happy colors

If your room feels boring and sad, it is the perfect time to find color ideas. It is said that orange, yellow and green are happy colors. But a wide range of available colors allows you to reflect your optimism through many of them. Whether your favorite color is blue, purple or pink, just decorate your room with accessories in these colors. Trendy and unique combinations are neutral walls and centerpiece furniture in vibrant colors. Imagine rooms where sunny yellows mingle with playful pinks, where lively oranges dance with refreshing greens – this harmonious blend creates an atmosphere that radiates joy and uplifts spirits. By embracing the power of color, you can mirror your optimism within your home, reminding yourself and to all who enter that happiness is not just an emotion, but a lifestyle that can be painted onto the canvas of your living space. 

Klippan 2 Seater Polyester Yellow


A palette of possibilities – best living room color combinations

World is a “palette of possibilities”, you can say. It offers you a huge selection of colors, which allows you to express yourself. Colors can be mixed and matched as you desire. If you prefer minimalist and aesthetic style, a great job will do white and beige hues. You can add some accessories in subdued and plain colors, such as brown. If you feel better between deep shades, choose furniture in darker colors such as burgundy, dark violet or teal blue. Accessories can be both in deep or vibrant hues. If you have a colorful personality, match it with the interior design too. Walls in happy colors, furniture in different hues and decorations in unparalleled shades. Feeling good in your own space is the most precious thing. That’s why it is so important to match home design to your preferences. Living room color scheme should match your personality. Remember – colors can be mixed in many different ways. The only thing that stops you is your imagination!


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