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Replacement cover – is it a good idea?

Karo, Masters of covers,
Replacement cover – is it a good idea?

Have you ever wondered if getting a new replacement cover is an idea worth trying? We think it is! And we will try to convince you that you should give it a go!

Be more ECOnomical

For a start, it is much cheaper than buying a new armchair or a sofa. It is a money-saving and much greener alternative to buying all new furniture and throwing away the old.

It’s okay to be sentimental

If you’re absolutely in love with your old sofa and the model has been discontinued or altered for the worse, a replacement cover is a perfect solution here. It’s okay to be attached to your furniture because there are so many stories and memories associated with it.

A rich color palette

It is not easy to find furniture in expressive and unusual colors, and if we do find it, they are often much more expensive than those in standards colors. The purchase of a replacement cover gives us a lot of opportunities to play with the interior at an affordable price. No more boredom!

Cleaning? Super easy!

Most of our fabrics are super easy to clean. It is enough to wipe small dirt with a wet cloth. If you want to refresh the entire cover, just take it off, put it in the washing machine, dry it and it will be like new again!

Now, are you giving it a try? You can order a free sample of every fabric in our offer, so you can check for yourself each of their properties under various conditions. Click here to check all of them!

Order up to 5 free samples.

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